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Your Company’s Logo is Your Identity
At Data Design Group we specialize on custom graphics. Original graphic design is right up our alley.

Here is a example of the logo development process

We will develop at least 3 examples for review to start. From there we will tweak the idea to fit the concept, making sure it fits the company brand and personality to a tee. Here a client requested various company symbols to be designed to work within their company font style.

2011 logo7 2011 logo12 jogo 2011 5 legacy logo 2


Here is just a small sampling of our production work.

legacy logo 2 strawbs
new dreamsuite logo microfiger
aidan pools logotrans 72
three scoops logo2 wnyda
logo spy stohl logo

What is Branding?
Branding is the viewers perception of your company, basically the corporate image. Technically this is not the logo in entirely, it is the personality of the company, what it represents.

Branding is the core value that the company represents and a logo is this idea broken down to its simplest form.

At DDG we will work with your company to bring your brand to life, utilizing our skills to bring it to fruition as an ‘icon’. An icon that spells out your core business beliefs in the most direct way.


Make Data Design Group your full service graphic design shop.

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