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Did you know that over 3.5 billion searches per day are made in the United States alone and between 60% and 70% of all mobile searching is done in order to find local businesses, or local results. How do you get your brand involved?

Here are a few tips that could help you crack that market.

Optimizing for mobile phone searches is extremely important, more important than you think

Google lends a helping hand to websites that are optimized for mobile. It uses “mobile friendly” has a factor when it ranks searches. People are now searching using their mobile devices more often and most of these searches are looking for local content and local businesses. So your site should be optimized for your locale. Maps, directions, and business location information is important.

Social Media

Promoting your business and social media such as, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, is strategically important. Embracing social media is more than ever the key to better search engine rankings.


I mentioned YouTube earlier because nowadays video content integration is an important part of your search engine optimization plan. It effects that important marker which is content. A variety of content is important to give the viewer a great viewing experience and the path to good rankings is a good viewer experience. The key is to keep your video content short. A study by Microsoft came to the conclusion that people have a short attention span of about eight seconds so it’s good to keep your videos concise, and to the point, to keep your message powerful and memorable.

Fresh and well written content is important for rankings

If your contact is well written it will capture the viewers attention and imagination. In doing this it will keep your viewer on your page longer if the content is interesting and written well. Another tip is if your content attracts visitors to your site it will also bring them back again, and again, so it’s also good to keep your content up to date, and new, and fresh, and meaningful. Say you’re a blogger, writing a huge amount of posts won’t immediately improve your rankings but keep in mind writing quality posts with good writing, good structure, ideas, and information that is straight into the point is even more important. So think quality over quantity.

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