Do I Need a New Website?

One way would be to test to see if your website is responsive, or mobile friendly.

A responsive website is a site that adapts to any screen configuration, be it a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. Today’s world is a fast-paced life of immediate gratification. We surf the web with our phones. At least 80% of all web users use their phones as their primary web surfing tool. If your website is not responsive, or mobile already, the experience that your potential clients will have will not be a good one. A mobile friendly website plays a massive role and how this potential client perceives your business. Is your business ready for today’s eCommerce? A site that is not mobile friendly, and easy to navigate, may turn off potential business.

Does your website have a content management system?

A content management system plays a major role on how you can edit your website. A site admin that is user-friendly, and straight to the point, will save you money in the long run because you will be able to update your site fast and easy . . . yourself. At Data Design Group we use WordPress as our primary tool. WordPress is the most popular web building tool in the world with many Fortune 500 companies on board as users and over 80 million sites to dates built with this stable and powerful program.

Once your site has been completed a DDG representative will stop by your business location and give you a complete tutorial, making sure that you know how and where to make your updates. Plus we will leave you with links to various video tutorials as refreshers. We will be there for you.

Do you have the proper content on your website?

Having the proper content on your website is extremely important. This includes all your page titles, tags, and content rich body copy. Having well formatted and informative content on your website is extremely important to Google. Having a keyword rich title and alt tags used to be the number one pointer for accurate search engine ranking. Now google wants good, well written, and accurate content. They want to see if the content accurately describes the pages the web visitor is landing on and well written copy is a plus.

The world of the Internet is moving forward in an ever increasing speed and if all your competitors are using modern, freshly designed, websites you will not want to be left alone in the primeval dust holding on to a look and feel that may be seen as old and stale.

Don’t become adrift in the web

Please remember that companies change their website image every few years to keep fresh and to keep their rankings high. You do not want to appear static and adrift. Technology changes yearly so in order to keep up with the current it’s a must to be current.

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