eCommerce Solutions

eCommerce Solutions

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Shopping Carts and Beyond

Our custom ecommerce solutions will help you enter the world of eCommerce running. Online stores are one of the largest growing areas of the Internet so let us help you tap into that expanding market.  While some design firms use proprietary software that makes it difficult to leave their servers all our eCommerce shopping carts use the most stable and active programming languages, PHP and MySQL. This makes your cart easy to use and easy to move if you plan to leave one hosting company and move to another. At the end you will own your cart with a lifetime license. No monthly fees here.

At Data Design Group we offer the client total control over their cart with a highly customizable backend administration making eCommerce a breeze.

Concerning our eCommerce packages . . .

  • No monthly fees. Installs on your hosting account.
  • Web-based management gives you full control over your online store.
  • Nearly 30 payment processing gateways supported including PayPal.
  • UPS, USPS, FedEx & Intershipper real-time rates & tracking.
  • Quickbooks, Peachtree and Sage accounting software exports.

Our software uses Search Engine Friendly URLs and Search Engine Optimized (SEO) content to produce high page rankings for online stores in major search engines like Google, Yahoo!, MSN and Bing.

On top of this it renders displays with fully W3C Web Standards Compliant XHTML Strict 1.0 code, which is easy for search engines to read and index.

A few more features for you to consider . . .

  • Supports an unlimited number of categories.
  • Create an unlimited number of levels of categories.
  • Supports different display types for products within categories.
  • Product pricing types: Regular Price, Sale Price, Fully Option Based, Recurring, Volume Based and Not Priced.
  • Recurring billing support allows you to specify monthly charges for products and product options in addition to or in place of one-time charges.
  • Volume based pricing allows you to create different price breaks for quantities ordered.
  • Each product can be set up under a declining balance inventory system and have maximum purchase quantities assigned.
  • Out of stock messages are presented to customers if the inventory level is zero.
  • State/Province and Country level tax exemptions.
  • Enter search keywords for the store’s search function.
  • Choose to use different displays for each product and up to three different size images.
  • Ability to include product-specific text in e-mail confirmations.
  • Two different descriptions for different displays.
  • Support for best seller, new item, specials, all products, products index and splash page displays.
  • Product-level shipping method choices including real-time rates, default product based pricing and custom shipping scripts.
  • Support for digital goods – including full download capabilities.
  • Ability to relate products to one another to cross sell them.
  • Each product can be related to numerous categories.
  • Product options can be of various types including textareas and textboxes (which allow customer input) and selection lists, radio buttons and checkboxes (which allow customer choices).
  • Product option selection items can have postive/negative price and weight changes on the item cost and support recurring billing as well as inventory.
  • Each product option can be related to numerous products.
  • Front-end search against keywords, description, product name and product number fields as well as use of price ranges.

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