Lucky DeVille Tattoo Company

Rick, the owner of Lucky Deville Tattoo Company, called us to discuss building a new website for themselves since they were opening a new location and wanted to make a splash. They were previously working with one of the many ‘free’ website development companies and they weren’t quite getting what they required. They needed something more custom and something more fitting their companies personality. Something creative and artistic. We stopped by the new location and discussed a few ideas concerning their new website project and surveyed their office space for ideas.

They wanted us to work into the website the look and feel of their office space. Their personality being rockabilly and 50’s hot rods and guitars. We went to work. We came up with the design and audio sound-tracking that was requested by the client, and they loved what was created for them. Their main concern was that they needed a gallery for each artist so they could easily show off their most recent designs and a back-end admin that made it easy for them to upload images and content. They also needed social media connection, and they needed some search engine optimization. We finished the work within a month and it was launched well within the time-frame requested. Lucky Deville received great positive feedback concerning their new website and they were quite pleased with the outcome.

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