Projects in Detail

Project DesignAt Data Design Group we offer complete digital development services from website design, mobile friendly responsive websites, and graphic design development. A DDG representative will stop by your place of business, or other location, to discuss your project. Once we have hammered out all the details we will start to build within a staging link on a Data Design Group web server. You will have access to the server 24/7 and we will tweak your new site until it’s perfect. You’ll see the site as it is being designed and once it is ready it will be launched. Be it either at our Data Design Group hosting services or the host of your choice.

At the start we will set up the site design template so you can get the initial look and feel of the website, colors, graphic placements, navigation, functionality, and that will be tweaked until it’s perfect for you. Once we have the template your content will be placed and the design will be fleshed out as pages are being built. It is important that you have your content collected prior to the start of the website build because content is the most important part of your website. We will go through your text/content and if need be we will rewrite some of the structure so it will contain rich keyword placements. This is important for search engine optimization since we keep that in mind during the entire build process. If your content is lacking in certain areas we do provide copy writing services to help get you to the point you need to be.

Concerning graphics, images such as logos will be provided to Data Design Group at the start of development process unless a logo is needed. If that is the case we will design your logo to suit the personality of your business and website. Stock photography and imagery will also be provided to help round out the site and give this website the proper scheme and balance. If you need photography services we can provide a professional photographer who will visit your office or place of business if building or staff photos are required.

Contact a DDG representative to set up an appointment for a visit.

Each and every website and design project is a creation unto it’s own. Here are a few select projects that will help you understand our development process.

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