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Data Design Group, Ltd. is an innovative full service web design company specializing in creativity and function. We see the future of advertising design . . . and that future is the electronic media. We can take your business and ideas to the world via the World Wide Web allowing your customers to reach you at any time of day or night, giving your company the sharper edge needed to cut through the competition. We make it our business to market your business.

Creating effective, and innovative, web sites takes more than knowledge of HTML coding and a degree in computer science . . . our website designers have an eye for design. We are a business built on the experience of artists, web designers, animators, marketers, and programmers, that can provide the level of quality needed to meet any Internet challenge.

Whether it be a personal home page, or a corporate site requiring complicated programming, numerous pages, animation, real audio/video, or Internet site hosting, DDG can handle the task . . . . That’s what we do!

The designers at DDG will gladly meet with you and your staff for a free consultation visit. Please contact us for more information.

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Some Web Designer SEO Tips

Responsive Design

Responsive Design You Ask?
At Data Design Group we are incorporating Responsive Design into our knowledge base. Not only that but we are not charging extra for it. We believe that responsive design is a must to accommodate all the mobile devices that people use to view the web and your website.

Responsive design allows your site to be seen as it should be, clean and easy to navigate, on all tablets, cell phones, and desktops. Responsive design allows us to format your site to re-size itself, conforming to the device that it is being viewed upon. Also the additional benefit of responsive design is being future friendly. Your website will continue to work well as newer versions of our favorite mobile devices launch into the consumer market.

The idea behind ‘responsive’ is to keep it clean and simple, and as time goes by responsive design will be the norm in web development as more and more people use their cell phones and tablets to view web content. At DDG we build for the future.

All in a Title

With search engines it’s all in the title
The ‘title tag’ is probably the most important element of your website SEO plan. This handly little snippet of code, located within the header area of your web page, contains the summary of your web page broken down into keywords.

This tag should not be longer than 70 or so characters, though you will not be penalized if you have added a few more choice keywords if need be. The search engine will simplily focus on the first 70, or so, so make sure you have the most powerful keywords there at the start. This is always good Search Engine Optimization practice.

Three Essential Tips to Keep You in the Loop

SEO can seem like a mystery to the uninitiated but if you can get a little bit of knowledge, and a little bit inventiveness, you can go far. Techniques that worked 4, or even 2, years ago may not be working today because Google is forever updating the way it indexes web pages. Techniques that may have helped you leap frog over the competition a few years ago may harm or even eject you from Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Create as Google Webmaster Account: 
When you signup for a Google Webmaster Tools account you are helping Google recognize your site and assisting in an accurate ranking. Submitting a sitemap is a must. A sitemap is a page that lists all your links because there are times when Google cannot find all your pages, a sitemap will make sure Google gets to where they need to go. Also registering for a Bing Webmaster Account won’t hurt you either.

Google Analytics:
Google Analytics is a service provided by Google that offeres detailed statistics and information of your visitors movements. This service is important for properly marketing your site and it’s the top web statistics program offered online . . . and, along with Webmaster Tools, it’s FREE.

Social Media:
In my travels I have come across many clients that are from the ‘old school’. They dislike social media because of the connotation it might have. Social media is not all fun and games, it’s also a powerful web marketing tool. It’s all about getting as much information about you, or your company, out there. Images, links, promotions, news, are perfect inclusions for social media. You need to access those social networks. Today you can get the most traffic to your main web pages from sites like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. Social media is a way of getting your business easily discovered.

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